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Aline Bouvy


Aline Bouvy, Who will wear my teeth as amulets? IV, 2016 Courtesy of the artist and Motel Gallery, New York.Aline Bouvy, The description doesnAline Bouvy, Urine Mate (2016) Exhibition view, Courtesy of Galerie Albert Baronian, Brussels.

Aline Bouvy (Brussels, 1974) questions through a multidisciplinary approach, issues related to the dysfunctions in contemporary society and how these affect the human condition.  Her works are in constant negotiation with the norms that unconsciously model our desires and which dictate us what is morally and aesthetically acceptable. From this perspective she tries, not to put herself on the fringes of society, but rather to integrate in her work these elements/residues, considered from a moral point of view as "dirty" or aesthetically "ugly", liberated from any categorization. Disruptive elements pop up in her narratives in order to offer to the repressed a space to unwind.

Following her interest in the figure of Brazilian theatre director Augusto Boal and his “Theatre of the Oppressed”, she has been part of a participatory research workshop at the Parisian headquarters of the organisation. The theatrical act, based on participatory interaction, experienced as a way of fighting back against any form of oppression, is the departure point for Aline Bouvy’s exhibition at CIAP. Through a diverse range of mediums, she will present an immersive process-oriented installation, the remains of an intense art and therapy session gone wild.

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