Association for Contemporary Art

Stijn Wybouw / S.W en het CIAP Pact


Stijn Wybouw (Leuven, 1995) is a master student Visual Arts at the PXL-MAD School of Arts in Hasselt. During three months he will be the key holder and the director of CIAP’s ground floor. All arrangements and responsibilities were written down in a pact that the artist had signed by all parties involved (artist, exhibition space and academy). Wybouw will present new work in CIAP weekly, in accordance with the rhythm of the academic calendar. The visitor can consult the pact and the calendar and follow the artist’s artistic developments closely in premises designed for that purpose starting from Saturday 23 September, which is the artist’s 22rd birthday.

In the adjoining room Wybouw starts a clubhouse together with fellow students Kirsten Vanlangenaeker and Mike Feyen. This area remains inaccessible to the general public.

Opening 23.09, 19h00. 
Free entrance

Wybouw programms his favourites films on Wednesday 25 October in the context of CIAP CINEMA.