The exhibition meetsysteem combines work of three artists in varying degrees of visibility and presence. Jacques Lizène, gerlach en koop, and Nora Turato share an idiosyncratic attitude and an interest in the mechanisms of language and image. Jacques Lizène calls himself the little artist of mediocrity of Liège and in many of his works peripheral thinking is central. A good example are his long-running series Banlieue d’Art. In meetsysteem gerlach en koop show a work in the context of Lizène’s legacy. On Thursday 26th of October there will be a spoken-word performance by Nora Turato and a lecture by the curator of this show Bas Hendrikx.

Opening: 23.09, 19h00
Free entrance

Lecture by curator Bas Hendrikx and performance by Nora Turato
26.10, 18h30
Free entrance